Jon Hiester

Jon’s main focus is on diet, detoxification, and nutrition. He has been involved in the food industry, and later the health food industry, for most of his adult life. His interest in food started at a very young age. When he was 6 years old he was diagnosed as a type I diabetic and food began to be an important part of his understanding of his health and wellbeing at that time. Later at the age of 35 his father died of colorectal cancer and congestive heart failure. This life changing event has led him to be even more interested in how food is important to the body and staying well within a toxic world. Going through these life events inspired him to return to school and obtain his CNS and CNHP. They are certifications in natural wellness from Trinity School of Natural Health.

Jon specializes in custom diets: rotation, blood type, metabolic typing and Nu Yu II. These are all used in achieving weight loss. In addition he creates designer diets for each individual person according to all of their metabolic markers. He will help you achieve your weight loss goal, incorporating a healthy diet that matches the individual. Zyto technology is used to assess food allergy and sensitivities. A rotation diet can be designed based on your results. Jon’s desire is to keep the body in equilibrium using detoxification and cleansing methods to optimize functional wellness. Cooking classes are offered to further educate people to strive for the same dedication.

His passion is to make one understand their wellness, the surrounding toxicities and maintaining an exceptional healthy lifestyle.