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Nutrition Works is an Integrative Nutritional Health Clinic.

A lot of us today are searching for something more that we can do with our personal health care or to enhance our personal health care. Fundamental nutrition is the beginning of our basic biochemical makeup. Research shows that most chronic diseases can be prevented, and in some cases reversed with good nutrition.

What to Expect

Here at Nutrition Works we begin with a complete history and work with well documented scientific research in order to make you feel like yourself again. Whether one is already diagnosed with a specific disease or suffers from chronic pain, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, headaches, allergies or another kind of health issue, Nutrition Works’ educated and experienced staff is ready to help.

Our commitment is to give back to our community by providing a high standard of care for all. We desire to work as a team with our group of professionals to assist you in your health care needs. Whether it be nutrition, hormone replacement, men’s & women’s health, chiropractic care, massage therapy, weight loss, detoxification, prolotherapy, or counseling, we will provide you with the utmost of care and professional advice.

Meet The Clinicians

Gail Eiceman, RN, BS, CCN

Gail Eiceman, RN, BS, CCN, has been in the health care profession for over twenty-five years. She began her career as a Pediatric Nurse after receiving her nursing degree from Chester County Hospital. She was recognized by being granted the Outstanding Award in Pediatric Nursing. Following nursing school, Gail’s experience was broadened by serving as head nurse in an intensive care coronary unit, emergency room and various other disciplines of nursing.

Trista Gray RN, CNHP

Trista’s wish for every person is that they can enjoy health, happiness and longevity. She appreciates that each person’s journey to health and well-being is individualized, based on his or her unique constitution, life situation and psychological predisposition. Consequently she has trained carefully and taken the necessary steps to develop a precise and unique clinical process that evaluates each person’s individual situation. This unique nutritional approach integrates both traditional and complementary health care.

Jon Hiester

Jon’s main focus is on diet, detoxification, and nutrition. He has been involved in the food industry, and later the health food industry, for most of his adult life. His interest in food started at a very young age.

Meet Our Chiropractor

Dr. Terry L. Zabinski

Dr. Zabinski graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science. From there we went to the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Il. He completed his internship and residency at Chicago General Hospital. He also received a Graduate Certification in Rehabilitation and Applied Kinesiology.

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