Gail Eiceman, RN, BS, CCN

Gail Eiceman, RN, BS, CCN, has been in the health care profession for over twenty-five years. She began her career as a Pediatric Nurse after receiving her nursing degree from Chester County Hospital. She was recognized by being granted the Outstanding Award in Pediatric Nursing. Following nursing school, Gail’s experience was broadened by serving as head nurse in an intensive care coronary unit, emergency room and various other disciplines of nursing.

A personal illness led Gail to investigate the integration of her medical experience with the benefits of natural medicine. As her desire to bridge the gap of traditional medicine with natural medicine grew, Gail sought further education, obtaining numerous certifications and degrees, including obtaining her doctorate in Naturopathy. She also received an advanced nursing degrees and a board certification as a Clinical Nutritionist (“CCN”). A CCN assesses a person’s nutritional needs to achieve normal physiological function. Assessment includes the use of appropriate test and observations such as case history, anthropomorphic measurements, physical signs, laboratory tests, and nutrition/lifestyle analysis to determine an educational nutrition program. Assessment also provides the basis for referral to a licensed physician, or other health care professional. She also has certifications as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She has received education and training from some of the leading experts in the world in the field of Integrated Health, among them Hans Nieper MD, Bernard Jenson, the father of natural medicine, Abrams Hoffer MD, Carl Ruffer MD, Bernard Rimland MD, and Jeff Bland PhD.

In an effort to educate others, Gail opened her nutritional practice Nutrition Works, located in Womelsdorf, PA in 1983. Her practice has evolved to include, among other areas, Nutritional Evaluations, Metabolic Typing, Orthomolecular Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayvertic Therapy, Amino Acid Therapies, Weight Loss Programs and Specially designed diets for medical issues (including the rotation diet for allergy).

Gail is a founding member of the Community Care Group, a group of traveling health care professionals that minister to the needs of the Plain and Amish communities on site. Gail’s Nutritional Clinic now hosts satellite offices for many medical doctors and practitioners of various disciplines from around the world. She is a sought after speaker and lecturer on radio, television, and at conferences worldwide. Gail has developed numerous supplement formulas that are privately labeled and sold throughout the country. Her practice serves a population of clients who travel several states to seek her expertise.