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What is Detoxification?

The body’s natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins via the liver, the kidneys, the urine, the feces, exhalation, and perspiration. These toxins include actual physical pollutants such as toxic metals, harmful industrial chemicals, parasitic disease organisms, dead cellular material, and ordinary bodily waste products.

Why is Detoxing Beneficial?

Today people are exposed to chemicals in far greater concentrations then were previous generations. Each year people are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere, water food, and soil.

These pollutants manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including decreased immune function, neurotoxicity, hormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbances, and even cancer. Detoxification therapy helps to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants and can facilitate a return to health.

Do You Need a Detox?

“When the system is overwhelmed, the body’s defense mechanism malfunctions, and symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, aggression, or mental disorder may occur.”

– David Steinman, former representative of the public interest at the National Academy of Sciences.

Indications that your body may need detoxification are: headaches, joint pain, recurrent respiratory problems, back pain, allergy symptoms, insomnia, mood changes, and food allergies. Conditions such as arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, sinus congestion, ulcers, psoriasis, and acne can also indicate the need for detoxification.

We offer three clinical detoxification and cleansing services

ion-cleanseMost of us are so loaded with toxins however; detoxification using the Ion Cleanse actually makes energy for healing available. Toxic overload diminishes markedly for clients; the deleterious body ions are attracted out of the tissues through the feet and go into the water’s ionic components.

Human skin is thin, only 4mm thick on the soles of the feet. Although it is the outer covering of our body which protects us from all the harmful elements in our environment, our skin is more like a membrane than a shell. Water is able to permeate this barrier very easily. The movement of water from the basin reservoir into the client’s feet and up into the body assisted by an elementary chemical force known as osmotic pressure.

Water naturally moves through a partially permeable membrane form the side where water is concentrated to the other side where it is less concentrated. The buildup of fluid in the body (edema) later reverses itself when the hydrostatic pressure in the body increases to the point where some water is forced out.

The exit offering the least resistance to the excess water is through the feet and out their skin pores which were opened when the water first entered. This process fluctuates continuously during the Ion Cleanse treatment.

The foot bath water changes color which is a manifestation of toxin removal from the body’s tissue. Dumping toxins gives the body an opportunity to heal those specific body parts from which the toxins are arising. The foot-bath water changes color which is a manifestation of toxin removal from the body’s tissues. Reading the water’s color change is diagnostic of what is being released by the client. For instance, when the foot-bath color turns bluish, one recognizes toxic dumping from the kidneys; a yellowish hue means that the bladder is giving up its toxins; orange relates to joint toxins. Brown water indicates that a toxin dump from the liver has taken place. Candida albicans shows up as cheese-like scum floating on the water’s surface. Flecks of black in the water demonstrate that heavy metals are being released. Goblets of oil floating as a slick in the water means that there are fatty tumors, such as lipomas, that are breaking up.

Ion Cleanse may be used to kill bacteria inhabiting the client’s body. Research has also shown that a tiny electrical pulse all by itself appears to destroy aqueous bacteria. In addition to temporarily increasing the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the body, the electrical pulses generated during an Ion Cleanse treatment are an antimicrobial weapon. Also lethal to bacteria is the fluctuating pH that occurs metabolically during a detoxification session.

For hundreds of years, ancient civilizations understood the benefits of sweating. Far infrared therapy utilizes the body’s natural detoxification process of sweating as a modern method of healing. This therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues, aiding reduction of chronic joint and muscle pain. It also promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress.

German medical researches concluded that one session of far infrared therapy can have significant reduction of blood pressure thanks to persistent peripheral vessels dilation. They also noted that blood viscosity was improved. After 20-30 minutes of far infrared radiance, there was a significant decrease of blood pressure – cardiac ejection resistance – total peripheral resistant – and significant increase of heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output and ejection fraction.

Researchers also concluded that acne symptoms improved with the far infrared technology. A far infrared treatment appears to open pores that have been malfunctioning for years, forcing out clogging cosmetics, and loosening dry outer skin, healing acne and scars without pain.


Far infrared is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and even cholesterol, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins.

The human body is a reservoir of all kinds of bio-toxins which cannot be expelled immediately and become stored in the body, thereby triggering illness. When toxic gasses such as sulfuric dioxide and carbon dioxide, or potentially fatal heavy metal toxins such as mercury, lead and chlorine, meet large water molecules, they are encapsulated by clusters of water and trapped in the body. Where these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. However, when a 7-11 micron FIR wave is applied to these large water molecules, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the water evaporated, the encapsulated gas and toxins can be released.

Benefits Include:

  • Decreases Joint Suffering
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Leads to Pain Relief
  • Affects Soft Tissue Injury
  • Assists in resolution of inflammation, edema and rids the body of metabolic wastes

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