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Bioidentical hormone therapies are used to establish balance in the body when hormones become imbalanced, and can be used by any man or woman. They are designed to fit each person’s unique and individual needs. A program is custom designed after listing your hormone needs to reestablish equilibrium in your body.

How Does It Work?

Bioidentical hormones enter the bloodstream and look and perform just like the original hormones they were designed to replicate. Bioidentical hormones are molecular keys that the body can automatically recognize and utilize. In other words, bioidentical hormones are the perfect fit for an individuals genetic hormone receptor lock.

When used for hormone replacement, bioidentical hormones enter the bloodstream, attach to their appropriate receptor locks, and safely and effectively reestablish optimum hormonal equilibrium. Bioidentical hormones replace what is missing so that the body has what it needs to feel and perform the way it was originally designed.

Upon assessment of the individuals needs, bioidentical hormones are compounded specific to your needs.

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